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The peer response has to be from a peer-reviewed NURSING journal less than 5 y/o.

New technologies have significantly changed the way nurses practice, conduct research, manage and administrate, and advance their education (Blais & Hayes, 2016). In today’s health environment technology and education are the most essential parts in innovate nursing practice within the healthcare system. Nursing Informatics has become the cornerstone in nursing, in which it has influences the day-to-day operations in the practice of nursing in several areas such as data recovery, patient care, electronic patient records and imaging informatics. The competency of nursing informatics can simply be determined through computer skills, informatics knowledge and informatics skills. Informatics has the potential to assist in identifying the key competency of a beginning nurse, experienced nurse, informatics specialist, and informatics innovator.  According to Blais and Hayes (2016) informatics nurses are challenged to continue to research and apply the appropriate codes and laws to protect patients and to use information tools to improve the quality of patient care.

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However, the success of students’ learning and their perception of a ‘good’ placement however are influenced by a number of factors extending beyond the current standards of competency (Barry & Martin, 2018). Ultimately, it’s the resposibitly of the nurse educator to ensure that student’s are begin properly assess for competency and supporting the students technical and clinical learning abilities. Nursing education made the transition from hospital-based training to the tertiary sector over 20 years ago (Algoso, 2015). However, grave concerns about the quality and quantity of undergraduate nurses‘ clinical experiences prior to graduation remains (Algoso, 2015). According to Lyons, Brunero and Lamont (2015) nursing today involves critical thinking, reflection and problem solving; partnering with patients to promote shared decision- making. Moreover, evidence base suggest that nursing practice changes patient care improvements relying on multifaceted, innovation and patient centered focus. Education has revolutionized nursing by improving the future of nursing through communication and forming partnerships between education, regulation, as well as in nursing practice in order to prevent any and all adverse outcome in the healthcare industry.


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