Peer Response (Vision And Mission)

please respond to the following discussion which requires one peer-reviewed Nursing journal reference from database not the internet.


The Healthcare system is a very complex industry which provides many different job opportunities for people. Ranging from construction workers, maintenance, advertisement, technology specialist, business, and of course patient care jobs just to name a few. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital was established in 1992. It embraces a patient and family-center care. The vision focuses on providing families with the tools they need to care for their loved being that’s ill. Incorporating families in the care of the patient not only provides an opportunity for them physical involvement in their care but allows them to heal spiritually and mentally. It focuses on the emotional vulnerability of the patient and families. Medical emergencies are often terrifying for children and their families.  Families have the option of being present with their children during these difficult times. Giving families these options even during a code/resuscitation of their young loved one gives them a sense of control of the situation. Allowing families to stay even in the Intensive Care Units during these times truly heals minds, bodies and souls. The compassion and care giving of these healthcare providers is endless. Nurses can not only connect but to teach families on a day to day basis in regard to their loved one illness. Health education and health promotion could help avoid future illnesses.

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This hospital truly captivates the community. It constantly provides many ways to show the community how much they support these families in times of need and the children as they go through their illness. Many volunteer services are offered, as well as many different programs that help promote health in the community. Families are not turned away for not being able to help, and with the help of the Conine Clubhouse families are able to stay close to their loved one free of charge. The hospital has created many positions within their organization to successfully implement this type of care for their pediatric patients. This organization truly abides to their mission and vision.

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