Part I Introduction, background and explanation of the nursing issue

Question description

Part I Introduction, background and explanation of the nursing issue (15 points). The first 2-3 paragraphs should introduce the nursing issue. It should explain why it is important (include some statistics to back up your claim) should include a historical description of the issue, a definition of the key terms related to the issue, and an explanation of how the key terms relate to one another. Most importantly, your purpose/thesis statement should be found within this section. This statement will help direct the rest of the paper! Format the paper in appropriate APA style and include a title page and running header. This section should include at least 3 credible references; credible web sites may be used in this part of the paper.

Part II An exploration of the existing peer-reviewed, data-based research literature concerning this nursing issue (10 points). You must identify at least five (5) scholarly sources* (at least 4 original, data-based research articles; 1 meta-analysis is acceptable) in this literature review. Articles may either support or refute current practice. Articles could also suggest an alternative practice. Summarize each article, providing the most salient information. You do not need to evaluate the research articles for methodology, etc. Articles must be published within the last 5 years and must be cited using APA format.

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Part III Analysis & discussion of the issue/problem with application of the literature to the nursing issue (20 points). Choose an example from your practice. Describe the current issue/situation/problem and write about how the situation impacts nursing practice. Discuss how the issue has been addressed, what has worked or not worked. Use the relevant terms of the issue when discussing how the literature can be applied to this situation. Applying what you have learned from the literature, discuss how this information either supports current practice or how it supports a change in practice. Describe a potential new solution or process that could improve current practice. Discuss why you think this may work in your practice.

Part IV Future nursing implication(s) and Summary (10 points). Describe how the potential solution could impact future nursing practice. In addition, discuss the plan for implementing the potential solution-including how it would be presented to the organization, potential costs and cost-savings, and any foreseeable barriers. In your conclusion, provide a brief summary of the paper. Once, you have received peer feedback, you will submit the final version of this paper to your instructor under the Part V tab.

Part V Revision, Final Submission, and Reference page (10 points). Combine all sections of your paper into one document. Review all feedback that you have received from your peer reviewers and your faculty. Make any needed adjustments to your paper before submitting it for a final grade. Include reference citations each time you use information from an article or website. A reference page, in proper APA format, must be included with the final submission.

Each part of the paper (except part 5) will be submitted to peers for feedback; the paper will then be returned to the author for revision. After revision, the paper will then be submitted to the instructor and then returned back to the author for further revision.

There should be at least 8 sources cited in the paper: 3 in the introduction and 5 in the literature review. You may want to use additional resources in your discussion or you may have enough from your literature review.

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