oed reading reflection

For your second OED reflection, I am choosing the passage for you, and you select the word. Include the word and quote at the top of your reflection. Look up the word in the OED and write about what you find out about the word. What are some of its uses, its history? How is it used in this passage? What is this passage about, and how might what you found out about the word inform you about the meanings of this passage? How does this passage fit into the larger story? You will need to look closely at the paragraphs surrounding the passage to contextualize it.

Word: your choice from the quoted passage
Quote: “After some years in his house, she came to the conclusion that Caroline had been very bad for his character. Caroline was a good woman and a good wife. She was slightly self-righteous, and fairly rightly so, but she yielded to Henry’s judgment in every dispute, she bowed her good sense to his will and blinkered her wider views in obedience to his prejudices. Henry had a high opinion of her merits, but thinking her to be so admirable and finding her to be so acquiescent had encouraged him to have an even higher opinion of his own. However good a wife Caroline might be, she could not quite make Henry a bad husband or a bad man—he was too much of a Willowes for that: but she fed his vanity, and ministered to his imperiousness” (50-1).

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See attachment for instruction+sample, context of the quoted passage.

Note: you need to choose the word yourself.

word requirement: 300 words minimum

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