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Question description

Submit an initial substantive post of 200-250 words (about 1 page length) the question .Use headings for each main key point to clearly communicate to the reader the topic under discussion and leave no room for guessing. Your headings need to be Bold and aligned center-page.At least 3 References and citations should conform to the APA format.

Discussion Question: Discuss the nurse’s role in improving the health literacy of patients. Then, identify the resource you would recommend to patients for evaluating online health information and why it would be beneficial. Describe additional strategies for assisting patients in becoming informed consumers of online health information. Explain how nurses can support patients in the use of personal health records.

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Respond to the postings below.The postings should be approximately 100 words (about 1/2 page length) and include references as indicated by the instructor. Need 2 References and citations should conform to the APA format.

response 1 Bowman Week 5 Main Post

Role of Nursing in Health Literacy

I think that in this new age of managed care the expectation that patients be responsible for their own health care is overly optimistic. Patients have difficulty simply following orders regarding medications, wound care, and general medical treatments and we see this by the high rates of non-compliance and re-hospitalizations for the same problems. I do attribute some of this to a lack of patient centered communication by nursing staff but a big problem is the patient’s lack of health literacy and the vast amount of garbage on the internet. The nurse should provide patient centered communication about the individual patient’s needs and be willing to direct the patient to online sources trusted to provide accurate information. Nurses providing clear patient centered communication is a widely endorsed strategy for improving health literacy (Ridpath, 2012).

Evaluating Online Health Information

Health communication and health information technology (IT) comprise a key topic area addressed for improvement of healthy individuals and communities in Healthy People 2020 (Gutierrez,2014). Trusted sources of information would be organizations geared to provide expert information such as The American Heart Association. The nurse today should provide relative information and realistic sources for information about their patient’s disease or condition. Offer approved sources for information, most providers have patient education information.

Additional Strategies

If a patient is not internet savvy and their literacy is in question the nurse could contact the patient advocate to assess the patient’s needs further, seek family support, and print out information to give to the patient with a phone number to provide patient support.

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Respond to the posting below.The postings should be approximately 100 words (about 1/2 page length) and include references as indicated by the instructor. Need 2 References and citations should conform to the APA format.

response 2 Koch. Week5. Initial Post.

Nurse’s Role

Nurses along with other healthcare providers need to embrace the internet as a source of health information for patient education and health literacy (McGonigle pg.330). Today a lot of hospitals use “MyCharts” where patients can view their medical information and test results online. Providers can even communicate through messages on MyChart. It is important to educate clients how to access and navigate around websites like this to help patients keep track of their health.

Evaluating Online Health Information

There are a few ways to evaluate if a source is credible. First off, make sure the article or web source is up-to-date, anything that is years old might not be valid information anymore. Avoid websites that end in “.org” or “.com” instead look for endings such as “.gov” and “.edu”. Reading about information that seems too good to be true can also be a red-flag. (Resources for cancer care, 2013). Looking for authors, contributors, translators, and/or sources is also another way to evaluate if the online information is credible. Pop up ads that ask for personal information should be avoided. Unless the ad is specific and provides the previous evaluations, it is better safe than sorry to exit out of the ads.

Additional Strategies

Nurses need to assess a patients’ willingness to learn, reading ability, the means by which they learn best, and their existing knowledge about the subject (McGonigle pg.331). It is also important to consider a person’s age when teaching about electronic information. Older patients may not be accustomed to the new technology unlike the younger population. Nurses can also recommend certain websites according with their facility.


McGonigle, Dee. Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge, 4th Edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2018. [Bookshelf Online].

Resources for cancer care. (2013). Cancer Care OECD Health Policy Studies.

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