need a 6 slide powepoint about communication theory of identity

Professors requests: A 6 -slide PowerPoint (which includes:

Slide #1: Title Slide

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Slide #2: Content

Slide #3: Content

Slide #4: Content

Slide #5 Digital Example

Slide #6: References Slide

I already have the six references that are supposed to be in it which ill list below

Burford, B. (2012). Group processes in medical education: learning from social identity theory. Medical education, 46(2), 143-152.

Golden, D. [Douglas]. (2015, December 26). Using the Four Layers of Identity to Become a Leader. [Linked in post]. Retrieved June 15, 2018 from

Hecht, M. L., Warren, J., Jung, E., & Krieger, J. (2005). The communication theory of identity. Theorizing about intercultural communication, 257-278.

Identity Management Theory (n.d). Communication Theory [Blog]. Retrieved June 15, 2018 from

Locher, M. A., & Watts, R. J. (2005). Politeness theory and relational work. Journal of Politeness Research. Language, Behaviour, Culture, 1(1), 9-33.

Newton, T. (2011). Thandie Newton: Embracing otherness, embracing myself. [Video file]. Retrieved June 15, 2018 from

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