1. Chapter 7: Question #7 – Page 161 of Operations & Supply Management 14th Ed (2 pts)

For each of the following variables,explain the differences (in general) as one moves from a workcenter to an assembly line environment.

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  • a. Throughput time (time to convert raw materials into product)
  • b. Capital/labor intensity
  • c. Bottlenecks

2. Chapter 7: Question #8 – Page 161 of Operations & Supply Management 14th ed (2 pts) ( Reference the example 7.1 on page 152)
A book publisher has fixed costs of $300,000 and variable costs per book of $8.00. The book sells for $23.00 per copy

  • a. What is the break even point?


ABC Corporation is planning to assemble a lawnmower using an assembly line. The following table provides the job elements and their precedence elements and the element times.

A none 30 seconds
B none 30 seconds
C A 20 seconds
D B 20 seconds
E C,D 30 seconds
F E 40 seconds
G F 10 seconds

Draw the precedence diagram of this assembly job. (2PTS) ( see page 176-178 of your text book, Exhibit 8.9&8.10).

If the production requirement for the lawnmower is 500 units per 8 hour shift, what will be the speed of this assembly line? (2PTS)

(Line speed Time allotted per shift in seconds/no. of units produced per shift)


Chapter 9: Question #1&3 – Page 217 of Operations & Supply Management 14th ed (2 pts)

  • 1.What is the term used for a bundle of goods and services that are provided in some environment by every service operation?
  • 2. List the 3 significant ways in which service systems differ from manufacturing systems.

Write your responses in a word document. Please show your work. Upload and submit the file via the title link

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