Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism

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Unit V PowerPoint Presentation

Business Plan

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You will create a business plan slideshow using Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a powerful and convenient tool for presenting anything and getting your point across. The intent is to create a professional slideshow that is worthy of presentation to an investor and/or banker in order to secure funding for your new tourism/hospitality business concept. This is a precursor to your capstone marketing plan executive summary, which will be submitted in Unit VII. Use this opportunity to be creative in developing a market niche.

As a part of your presentation, ensure you complete the tasks below.

Research benefits of differing price structures related to customer value.

Assemble data for creating a marketing strategy for your tourism/hospitality business.

Identify different companies or products that use market-skimming and market-penetration pricing similar to your plan. The use of tourism/hospitality examples is encouraged.

Determine effective criteria for a target market approach. Delineate factors to consider when choosing this/hospitality business location.

The slideshow should be a minimum of 12 slides in length but no more than 15 slides. You should reference the textbook and at least one other source that supports your business plan. Be sure to cite your sources in a reference slide, using proper APA style formatting. You should use the slide notes function to explain slide contents as necessary.

Also, a chart or similar figure should be used to support your business plan for this assignment. The grading for this assignment will be based on the overall quality and creativity of the slideshow and its ability to be clear and concise in relaying information.

Course Textbook(s)

Kotler, P., Bowen, J. T., Makens, J. C., & Baloglu, S. (2017). Marketing for hospitality and tourism (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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