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By this point, you should have a complete outline for your manuscript, have revised and/or added to your literature review, and be reviewing the methodology you are using. Over the next few weeks, you will continue to write and revise your manuscript to get it ready for publication. The final draft of your manuscript will be due in Unit 8.

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You may submit a rough draft of your manuscript to the Dropbox for instructor review in this unit. This review is not graded; however, it is a valuable opportunity to receive instructor feedback prior to your final submission.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript format should follow the guidelines established by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition (2010). In addition, NNJ adheres to APA guidelines regarding the use of non-biased language. Authors should refer to that text for all details of their manuscript. Technical Format Manuscripts should be submitted using MS Word.The manuscript should be submitted in a 12 point font, be double spaced, and have at least one inch (1”) margins.The preferred font is Times New Roman.The text in the body of the manuscript should be indented at the beginning of each paragraph.A running header (shortened title) and page number should be included at the top of each page of the manuscript except for the title page.Reference software programs (including the program that comes with MSWord) should NOT be used.

Order of the Manuscript The following order should be followed for all manuscripts submitted to NNJ including department submissions.• Title Page – Include o title of the manuscript to the names of the author(s) with their credentials o keywords – Three to five words/phrases typically used when people are searching for information ( e.g., hemodialysis, transplantation, work environment).• Author Information – For each author, provide the o Name o Credentials- according to the ANA 2009 Position Statement, the correct order of credentials is education (list highest attained degree first), licensure (state designation or requirement), national certification, awards and honors, other certifications ( o Current job title, name of employer, city and state of employers If applicable, any current ANNA leadership position titles o If applicable, ANNA chapter of which the author is a member o Contact information including email address, phone number, and land mail address (home address preferred).o Disclosure statement. Include a statement signed by all authors that the contents, in whole or in part, have not been previously reported, and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere, nor will be, until a decision is made by the Nephrology Nursing Journal Editor. • Acknowledgement of funding or other contributions (include only if applicable) • Abstract (75-125 words) • Key words • Learning outcome • Manuscript text • References • Tables (each on a separate page) • Figures (each on a separate page) Tables, Figures, and Photographs (APA, Chapter)

Please follow this format as its laid out, journal article to use in manuscript as well as author guidelines is attached please follow.Thank you!

APA format, times new roman-12ft, double space, 1 inch margin all around, indent each paragraph, any additional reference used can’t be older than 4 years old only journal articles on the subject can be used. Please follow author guideline to what to include in manuscript.

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