Life Span Development


Life Span Development

Guidelines for Research Paper

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Each student is required to complete a research paper. The topic may take a variety of forms. Some possible topics are under the Research Project link on Blackboard.  If you have another idea you would like to pursue, please discuss with me. All topics must be approved by me.

Your research project must be at least 6 pages (excluding the title page and bibliography) and must be in MLA format.

All research projects should be exclusively your work and be completed for the first time for this course. Be sure to give credit to your sources. Quotation marks and citations are required on all information that is not your own. Plagiarism will constitute a 0 for the project.

1. Choose one of the projects below:

n Replicate Piaget’s demonstration of object permanence with a group of children. You must test at least 10 children of different ages. (See Guidelines on Object Permanence)

n Replicate Piaget’s demonstration of conservation with a group of children. You must test at least 10 children of different ages. (See Guidelines on Conservation)

n Study the cognitive deficits of the elderly by:

i. Visiting and volunteering with a local group providing support to Alzheimer’s sufferers or to families of Alzheimer’s sufferers (See Guidelines on Cognitive Deficits- Alzheimers)

ii. Visiting with three professionals, i.e., a geriatric social worker, a neuropsychiatrist, or a representative from a local memory care unit). Ask them to provide interesting firsthand observations and insights. (See Guidelines on Cognitive Deficits-Dementia)

n Interview two adults over the age of 65 about their adolescent period. Reflect on your interviews and summarize the differences between your adolescence and their adolescence. (See Guidelines on Adolescence)

n Collect a life story from two older adults (over the age of 65) whom you know well. Reflect on your interview and summarize the life stories you have collected. (See Guidelines on Recording a Life Story)

n Replicate the 1950’s study of the “Right Time” for life events. Compare your results with the 1950’s results. Reflect on the similarities and differences. You must get at least 20 responses. (See Guidelines on The Right Time)

n Choose a book that reflects experiences of a child, youth or adult who has a social or cognitive problem to overcome OR Choose a book that will give you in depth information about a stage of life you are interested in. (See Book Report Guidelines)

Refer to the specific guidelines on Blackboard (under Research Paper) for all of these projects.

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