leadership its cause effect annotated bibliography

This work is in three parts 1) Annotated Bibliography, 2) Outline, 3) Power point presentation

But you only have to do the bibliography (the rest will be posted as separate questions)

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The work is based on leadership.. who inspires you and that is the theme of the work, so following that you have work on at least six sources for the bibliography. This is described below

It is expected that you give an operational definition of leadership based off of three credible sources. This means no .coms are allowed. Your sources should come from either peer reviewed journals, technical literature or academic literature. From those three definitions, you will create your own operational definition of leadership. (total 3 sources for this)

As you establish this operational definition of leadership, you should provide some cause effect relationship data on leadership in the workplace. This data could illustrate a rise in productivity from good leadership/management/ mentor ship. This data could point to health issues from bad management. This data could talk about the relationship to good management and the innovation of ideas and products. The main point here is that you have some data (statistics) to give us a cause effect relationship of leadership. You will need to have at least 2 sources. These sources could come from business literature, popular literature, news media. (total 2 sources)

Next, we need to see the introduction of this person who you value for their leadership qualities. (1 source for this) For leader I was thinking about Nelson Mandela (if you have any suggestion let me know)

I will provide the checklist/ outline of the annotated bibliography later

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