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A formal set of rules governing the communication between two network devices is called:

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The physical components that make up a computer are called:

Raw facts representing events occurring within an organization are called:

A computer program designed to support a specific task or business process is called:

Data that have been processed and that are meaningful and useful to people are called:

Private networks that extend to authorized users outside the organization

are called:

A set of interrelated components that collect, process, store, and distribute information to support decision making and control within an organization is called:

Storage that is remote to the CPU and permanently holds data, such as a hard drive, is called:

A connecting system (wireline or wireless) that permits different computers to share information is called:

A computer that provides services on a network is called:

The microprocessor that is the brains of a computer, receives data, processes information, and executes instructions is called:

Temporary storage on the system board that is used by the CPU to process data is called:

A set of programs that enables the hardware to process data is called:

A group of logically related files that store data and the associations among them is called:

The host computer that receives network services from a network server is called:

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