characteristics of the culturally competent Person Beliefs/Attitudes i. The culturally competent person is one who has moved from being culturally unaware to being aware and sensitive to his/her own cultural heritage, and to the cultural heritage of others. 2. The culturally competent person is aware of his/her own values and biases and how they may affect others. Knowledge 1. The culturally competent person is about the socio-political influences that the circumstances and development of ethnic, and cultural groups. 2. The culturally competent person can benefit from general knowledge and information about a particular group, recognizing that interacting with individuals of that group requires knowledge and information specific to those individuals. 1. At the skills level, the culturally competent person must be able to generate a wide variety of verbal and nonverbal responses. 2. The culturally competent person must be able to send and receive both verbal and nonverbal messages accurately and “appropriately” January 2017

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