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Peer Community Mental Health Group Experience Clinical

In this assignment, you will need to find a peer or family/friend to accompany you to one Open (not closed) Mental Health Group Meeting in the community. There are many to choose from. You will be responsible for finding a group meeting to attend in person. No on-line group forums will be allowed. This assignment is worth 4 clinical hours and is due November 10, 2017 by midnight. This assignment is mandatory and you will not be able to be successful in this course if you do not complete it. Some ideas for open groups: Alcoholics Anonymous, Bipolar Group, Bereavement Group, Overeater’s Anonymous, Substance Abuse Groups etc. After attending the meeting, you will need to write a two page paper with a minimum of 1000 words following basic APA guidelines about your experience. Please see the following:

1. You are required to attend one group meeting in the community, and write a two page paper following APA guidelines. You must have a minimum of 1000 words. You must use at least one evidence based reference or article as well as your book for this assignment. Any quotes from a reference cannot exceed 30 words in length and total references cannot exceed 1/10 of your paper. Absolutely no cutting and pasting of any information into your paper. This is plagiarism. This should be in your own words.

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A. Title page: Title your short paper as the type of group attended such as Alcoholics Anonymous and your name, date, course, course number, and instructor.

B. Include only the following information about the group in your introduction (Short paragraph)

1. Name of the group attended.

2. Category/kind of group you attended.

3. Location of the group attended.

4. Date and Time you attended.

5. Approximate number of attendees at the meeting.

6. First name of your peer/family member/friend who accompanied you.

C. Description of Meeting

1. Discuss how the meeting met or did not meet the group therapy concepts from chapter 10 in your Townsend textbook. This section should be a minimum of 500 words.

2. Discuss how the meeting used therapeutic communication techniques to achieve objectives. Be specific about the types of therapeutic techniques you observed. This section should be a minimum of 200 words.

3. Support your findings on group therapy by citing an evidence based article from the Chamberlain School of Nursing library. This section should be a minimum of 100 words.

D. List of Reference/References cited (Must include your textbook and one other evidence based source from the Chamberlain School of Nursing library. This is a minimum of two references.

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