human services family and community systems case scenario

Submit a one-page draft of the Section I: Introduction to Case Scenario Part A (see critical elements below). Note that you will be completing Part B of this critical element as part of your final project, which is due in Module Seven. You will provide a brief overall assessment of the case scenario provided in the Final Project Document. The assessment must be based on your interpretation of the scenario provided, and identify the family and community system factors that are driving the negative issues in the scenario.

I. Introduction to Case Scenario A. Provide a brief overall assessment of the case scenario, ensuring the following questions are answered: 1. What family and community system factors are driving the negative issues in the scenario? 2. What strengths are apparent in the family and community that can provide leverage to overcome the issues? 3. What small groups are present in the community that may help to facilitate change? 4. What advocacy efforts are being used at the community level?

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Case scenario attached

At least 3 sources APA

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