how does stress effect sleep

Stress is the dependent variable and Sleep is Independent Variable.

This is for a Literature review for a Research paper. Please see attached outline as a guide for what professor expects.

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Assignment Guidelines:

  • Your assignment document must include:
    • NO Abstract (this section is always written last, so you will not write/include this until the end of the session)
    • Title page (with running head, title, name, institution)
    • 1-2 page literature review that discusses what past research has found regarding how your IV and DV are related to each other
    • References page with a minimum of 4 academic sources found in peer-reviewed journals.
      • Remember that meeting the minimum requirements is often indicative of an “average” (C-level) paper.
      • If you feel the need to use a website source, then it must be in addition to 4 academic journal sources. Most students will not need to use even one website as a source. If you use a website as a source, it must be appropriate. If you feel you need to use more than one website, please discuss it with me.
  • APA 6 formatting is required
    • Times New Roman, size 10-12 font
    • 1 inch margins
    • Follow this APA Template (Word file) to assist you with implementing APA 6 formatting guidelines. Note that you can use this document as a template by replacing the name, title, running head, and content with your own (this makes it easier to properly format your running head).
  • Information must be synthesized (bring information from multiple sources into a cohesive whole)
  • Use no more than ONE brief quote per page. Only use a quote if it is NEEDED. A “needed” quote is meaningful, eloquent, and written in a way that paraphrasing hurts the quality of the quote. Most students will have no quotes in their entire paper. Remember – all quotes must include page numbers in the in-text citation.
  • Your literature review should naturally flow into a final paragraph (or end of your concluding paragraph) that discusses what your study aims to do. Introduce the reader to YOUR hypotheses. Do not use: I, we, our (first person) as you write this (in fact, do not use I, we, our, etc. in ANY part of your research paper :).
  • DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON in your writing. In this class, I do not want you to use I, we, our, etc. in your research project.
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