history caribbean essay

Question: How do Afro-Creole religious practices such as Vodou shape the course of the Haitian Revolution in Carpentier’s novel?

Your paper should accomplish the following:

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  • It should possess an original thesis, a.k.a., an argument that is your own.
  • It should use select quotes from the novels – not long block quotes, but selective quotes that reinforce, rather than replace, your argument
  • It should draw from the textbook and other class materials to help you fill in the context, i.e., how do the novels compare to the real-life historical circumstances?
  • It should have a conclusion that offers some thoughts about how the authors chose to depict history and historical events.

Each paper should also possess:

  • Should be at least 1500 words (please write the word count at the end of your essay)
  • There should be parenthetical citations – i.e., (Glissant, 87) or (Games, 223) – when you quote material from your sources
  • Should be double-spaced
  • Should have page numbers

Read the novel of

  • Alejo Carpentier, The Kingdom of This World (Farrar, Strauss, Giroux – 978-0374530112)

I am uploading all the images in additional files time by time the images of the reading. Read the book and write 3 pages, single space, MLA format, follow all the above guidelines

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