Health science management

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HMGT 495 6380 Strategic

1.You are CEO of ABC Hospital. Recently, a community patient satisfaction survey was sent to ABC’s patients asking about their ideal hospital setting. Many patients wrote that they wanted a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual attention as part of their care. You have been working closely with a physician leadership team and a community advisory board to develop an outpatient center that incorporates integrative healing therapies and a broad array of medical services to meet the needs of the community.

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  • How will you ensure that your outpatient center has the three desired components: compassionate care, patient-centered care, and a healing environment? • What types of programs and services will you provide? 6 pages


2. As marketing manager of a leading health care organization, you are developing a marketing strategy to inform potential patients about how you provide the best patient experience. As part of your strategy, you will use the 4 Ps of marketing. Define the 4 Ps and describe how you will use each to promote your organization and build your patient base.

The four Ps are as follows:

1. product 2. price 3. place 4. Promotion .6 pages


Back Ground

You are part of a senior leadership group which operates a Regional

Hospital in the Southeastern Region of the United States catering solely to female

patients and their healthcare needs. The senior leadership team consist of: (a) Chief

Financial Officer, (b), Chief of Medical Services, (c) Human Resources Manager,

(d) Chief Legal / Ethics Officer, and the (e) Marketing Manager.

Through a review of the literature, legislation, news reports, and also

speaking with colleagues, you have noticed that there has been an increase in the

national awareness of prescription opioid-related issues including addiction,

incarceration, overdosing, and death. The federal, state, and local governments

have become involved in developing policies, and legislation that more tightly

regulate the opioid prescription practices of providers. However, the senior leaders

of the Regional Hospital have noticed that there has not been recent public

commentary on sustainable treatment options or the adverse effects opioids have

on unborn fetuses, or what the long-term health effects are on “addiction children”.

Because your facility is not a licensed opioid addiction facility, your

providers have referred patients, pregnant or otherwise who abuse opioids, and

suffer from opioid addiction to third-party providers, costing your organization a

potential source of revenue.


Your assignment is to pursue a course of action that will enable the Regional

Hospital to begin offering opioid addiction services by January 31, 2020.

The senior managers have met to begin formulating plans for adding an

opioid addiction medical capability to the services that the Regional Hospital

provides. When articulating your strategy and developing your plan, please

consider the following: (a) licensing requirements for such a program, (b)

marketing, (c) the financial resources needed, (d) additional human resource

requirements, (e) legal considerations, (f) medical requirements, (g) spacing

requirements, and (h) nursing requirements.On your own, in 6-8 pages, you

will develop a solution to the case based on what works best for your role.

The solution will include:


  • an overall statement of the management challenge presented by the




  • a statement of the facts of the case
  • a proposal that addresses the challenge and that states what would be
  • best from the perspective of your role
  • a defense of the proposal


4.How does a health care organization implement a strategic plan? What guidelines should be followed?

In adjusting to industry changes, how should public agencies and nonprofits strategically approach cutting back or increasing services, staff, and, perhaps, their institutional mission? 2 pages

5. It is a challenging job to be a student. All students juggle multiple priorities and responsibilities trying to gain the highest grades at the same time. Please offer your strategies on time management and study skills to your peers. Provide minimum three of the most helpful tools and/or strategies that you use to a high degree of success. Tell us how you apply those tools or skills by sharing an example. Discuss the tips offered by your peers and reflect how or if they will work for you. 2pages.

6. What resources can you use as a health care manager to stay up-to-date in your field? Describe these.

In what ways can you, as a manager, contribute to the management and execution of your organization’s strategic plan?

Locate one health care organization mission statement online. Provide the URL to the statements. Then, determine whether the organizations are achieving their goals. Explain how. The following questions may help you:

  • What is the organization’s mission?
  • Who are the customers/target market(s)?
  • Does the organization fulfill its mission? Does it fulfill the needs of its target customers/market(s)?
  • How do we know that the organization does or does not fulfill its mission? Is there quantitative data from which we can draw? Are there qualitative outcomes?

Who is ultimately responsible for the strategic planning of an organization’s operations?

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