Health or Nursing Organization Meeting paper

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Students will make arrangements to attend a community health or nursing organization meeting. If you are not a member of a nursing organization and wish to attend a regional meeting, please contact someone who is a member or the organization itself to discuss attending as a guest. You may also choose a community meeting, such as one sponsored by a local health department or special forum. In-house meetings and committee meetings do not meet the criteria.

Please make this attendance planning an early task, as you will be required to confer with me as to the organization you have chosen and when you plan to attend the session. Your deadline for having this in place is by the third week of the semester.

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Therefore, you should begin exploring meeting dates early to have this on both of our calendars. There is a short analysis report due after your attendance by week nine.

The purpose of this assignment is to: Explore how a health-related issue or group impacts professional nursing practice; Identify the possible legal, ethical, political and budgetary issues involved with the agenda addressed in the meeting; Analyze nursing’s role in the issue or meeting.

1. Take this information to the meeting in order to record information while in attendance:

Organization: Columbus Public Health

Date/time of meeting: October 16, 2018 @ 2:00PM

Meeting place: Columbus Board of Health

Purpose: Monthly Board of Health Meeting

Who was in attendance: (no specific names please) 8 board members, 17 attendees with CPH degrees, 2 nursing students, and a doctor that was the speaker

Who participated: (no specific names please) The Doctor that spoke, 8 board members and one with a CPH

What was accomplished:

2. Write a 2 page summary of the meeting to include all of the information in #1 of the assignment in your first paragraph.

3. Also include how the agenda/issues impact or potentially impact nursing.

4. Identify any legal, ethical, political or budgetary implications of the meeting agenda.

5. What was nursing’s role in the meeting/issue?

6. What aspects or standards of professional nursing were demonstrated in the


Please include a title page, no abstract, headings, and limit this to 2 pages of text. No references are required with this assignment. **Attached is the agenda from the meeting**

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