Health Care Policy

Hello, please let me know if you can do this assignment , 5 to 6 pages is enough. due Tuesday.

its health care policy class.


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Individual  Project I


Select a case from industry, journal articles, or recent policy change or implementation. Follow the guidelines as listed. Include an overview, critical issues, alternatives, and summary.



1)    Find at least 3 articles related to the case in published in peer-reviewed journals.

2)    Identify all relevant issues (10 points)

3)    Review the critical issues of those articles and summarize them. (20 points)

a)     Source (s) of information researchers used.

b)     Year (s)

c)     Area of study (Country, State, County, etc.).

d)     Areas of study distribution:

–       At least 5 articles analyzing   2 form Florida, 3 from U.S.

e)     Conclusions.

f)     Importance of the study.

g)     Critique.

4)    Create a “reference list” in MS Word using the latest version of APA format. (20 points)

5)    Identify the websites from where you retrieved the article. Insert the links (20 points)

6)    Insert 4 or 5 relevant findings. (30 points)

•       Prepare a document in MS Word following the above instructions.

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