Group Webquest

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Group Assignment: WebQuest

Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

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  • Assess the legislative and policy-making strategies specific to scope of practice and nursing roles that influence health care services and practice.
  • Utilize advocacy skills to foster participation of nursing in the development and implementation of health policy.

Overview of Assignment

Please take a moment to review this tutorial for assistance with creating your presentation.


Within your group, you will work to create a WebQuest. A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented assignment. Look at sample WebQuests (search online) to see how creative you can be. The format is divided into sections or independent pages. Think of each section as a section on a paper.

For your WebQuest presentation, you will choose a problem that is a public policy issue. You will define the health care problem. You may be working in a certain clinical area and may see a need for more research or alternatives to treatment options. The problem may be a professional problem that you as an advance practice nurse are encountering in terms of autonomy or reimbursement for your services. It could be a workplace safety issue or a management issue. It could be a general societal problem that needs to be brought to the attention of the legislators.

Your WebQuest Presentation:

  • Most of the information for your WebQuest will come from the Web. However, you are expected to use the Library to supplement the information that you find on the Web.
  • You must also use a minimum of three graphics or images to illustrate your points. The graphics can go on any of the pages in the WebQuest and you can use more if you like. The graphics do not substitute for the text that is to explain each section.
  • You are expected to use analysis in each of the sections and provide details and explanations in each area. The Web resources are to validate what your position or argument is.
  • You will use this MN506_Unit9_Template to build your WebQuest. Before you begin your work however, watch this video to learn how to edit the template to create your unique WebQuest.


In one section of your WebQuest, you will include a link to a presentation that you create. Your group will choose a presentation software to use. The presentation software should be one that is free such as a Voice-over PowerPoint or a Voice-over Prezi. You could also do a PowerPoint or Prezi and voice over in PowerPoint or with Snagit. You will combine slides (e.g., PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi slides) and voice.

In your voice-over presentation, you will give a 5-minute talk with slides, as if you were speaking at a press conference delivering your message to a politician or to the community as a whole about what you have identified as the problem. Your presentation should explain why your identified problem needs to be addressed.

The following should be incorporated in your WebQuest:

  • The health care problem/public policy issue
  • A link to your presentation
  • A transcript of the presentation
  • What the government’s response to this problem has been previously (i.e., what has been done in terms of laws, rules, regulations, or programs; if the issue has never been addressed, you will discuss what needs to be done)
  • Your assessment of the legislative and policy-making strategies that influence health care services
  • Your proposed bill, either on the state or federal level, advancing your proposed change
  • Why these changes are important and a discussion of what opportunities nurses have to become involved in the design of this program
  • Your advice on how the program can be implemented
  • A summary of the Project
  • The credits page

To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Resources.

Assignment Requirements:

Before finalizing your work, you should:

  • be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);
  • consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary; and
  • utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.

Your writing Assignment should:

  • follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
  • be well orderedlogical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
  • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
  • use APA 6th Edition

How to Submit

Submit your Assignment to the unit Dropbox before midnight on the last day of the unit.

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