globalization perspective personal essay

Link to assigned chapter :…

The task is to write an extended essay on a particular idea in your assigned chapter. Here is how it should be done:

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In a single Word document, respond to the next four steps:

  1. Restate one point/idea (from your assigned) chapter in your own words. It could be the same as you posted on the Discussions. In any case, the idea must have two or more possible viewpoints.
  2. Research to find one writer (public, that is, someone who has been published in print, or other medium) who agrees with the point. Discuss that writer’s view in one/two paragraphs; give the reference location for this writer at the end of your essay (citation).
  3. Research to find one writer (as above) who disagrees with the point. State that writer’s view in one/two paragraphs; give the reference location for this writer at the end of essay. (citation).
  4. Discuss your opinion on the topic you selected in one or two paragraphs.

Word Limit is 500 (minimum 500, maximum 550), without references. References should be in professional format. Provide links to articles where applicable.

This is a creative task and should be exciting! Please use the time to delve into the idea you are working on. Read into good sources (just for example The Economist or The Wall Street Journal, or any other source or book you like). Grading depends on the quality of substantiation of the points, use of appropriate examples/authors and reasoning of your argumentation. Please review well for typos, grammatical errors and appropriate formatting.

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