functions in your work environment that you believe are redundant could be done by lesser paid employee

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I work in 24 bed ICU. I am a Nurse. Please relate the discussion question to the setting and the question being asked and also please reply to Jennifer richs post and RIGOBERTOS post. Please provide constructive feedback.

Discussion question-Are there tasks or functions in your work environment that you believe are redundant, unnecessary, or repetitive or that could be done by a lesser-paid employee? Explain.

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Discussion Reply-Discussion 3


I don’t believe anything involving patient care is unnecessary, however, there are some things that can be done by lesser paid employees. I work in 2 different ERs which are often short staffed but both have the same problems. There are nurses and patient care techs in both. Cleaning the rooms, stocking the rooms transporting patients, and getting meal trays can and should be done by lesser paid employees, but they are not. Along with taking care of the patients, assessments, medications, transfusions and a host of other nursing procedures and charting, nurses have to also do all of the aforementioned tasks. I do not have a problem with team work but if these task are not done, then it too becomes the nurses job. Again, I do not think I am better than the next employee, but how much time can be saved for nurses if we had someone to do the cleaning and stocking? The EMR generates charges from the nurse and doctors procedure documentation. How much of, what a nurse does goes uncharted? Well, in the 2 ERs I work, there are a lot of uncharted procedures which translates to a lot of lost funds. This question is funny to me, because I say all of the time, we (nurses) have to do everything, and I mean everything. One problem I see with the ancillary staff is they know if they do not do a job, (stocking, cleaning, taking out the linen bags) then the nurse will have to do it because it affects his or her job, and they are ok with that which angers me. One day, I will work in an ER where there are people to do all of the jobs, not just the nurse wearing 10 hats.

2 days ago

Rigoberto Pacheco

Module 3 Discussion


Ever since I have been a nurse, I have noticed that things work well until budget cuts come into play. I am no longer employed at this time but I would like to speak about a part time job I recently had and the outrageous amount of workload the nurse had. At this particular place, you had more than just your nursing duties.

For example, nurses were required to clean the facility. Since no housekeeping was available, the nurses were forced to perform janitorial duties such as mopping floors and cleaning toilets. Lab personnel did not exist, so we were left to perform are own labs with very minimal training provided on the machines used. Eventually, due to further budget cost, the nurse’s aid position was eliminated and the registered nurse was also left without anyone to help with patient care.

All the above examples could have been performed by a lesser paid employee. Due to the immense workload placed on the nurses, turnover rate increased and full time staff became difficult to maintain.

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