Four Past Midnight – One Past Midnight (A Note on “The Langoliers”)

By: Stephen King

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Section B: Writing: Two Parts (75 points)

Write a book report and give a full summary of the plot. Describe the major events of the story and describe what happens at the end. In addition, be sure to include the author of the novel and character information. Do this in three paragraphs, this will be worth 15 points.

Then Choose ONE of the following paper topics. On the topic you are to write a five paragraph double-spaced paper typed.

1. Write a character analysis that discusses the motivation, ideas, and events that involve one main character of the novel. Discuss how the character changes, how the events of the book influence the character, what you like or dislike about them and why they are worthy of praise and/or criticism. The majority of this paper should be spent identifying what caused a major change in the main character and explaining how the character changed. The character changes may have been a consequence of choice, a conflict, a display of some outstanding trait like courage, or even a result of events that occur during the novel.

2. Choose a controversial issue from the novel and take a stand on ONE SIDE of the issue. Write a paper discussing your reasons for disagreeing or agreeing with a decision a character made in the novel regarding this issue and do some research to support your point of view.

***3.Write a short story of at least two pages (be typed). This short story may either tell of a new adventure of the character, show an event in the story from another characters viewpoint, or you may write a different ending for your story.

4.Write a collection of poems (at least five poems) using material from your novel. You may either write poems about the novel, or you may assume the voice of one of the characters in your novel and write a set of poems form their perspective.

Section D: Journaling CHOOSE TWO (20 points)

Complete TWO journal entries by choosing form the topics below. These journals must be at least two paragraphs of five sentences each.

***o Explain the significance of the title to this story. Authors do not choose a title randomly and usually the title is symbolic in some way.

o Describe the setting and genre – time period, location, etc.

o Choose one sentence form the text and tell why this sentence embodies the theme of the story. Support what you believe is the theme using text examples that you feel support the theme throughout this novel.

***o Research the author and provide some background information about the life of the author. Include information on why they wrote this book if it is able to be found.

o Write a general review of he book. Would you recommend the book? Why or why not? Would you have changed any element of the story (plot, characters, setting, resolution, conflicts, point of view, etc.)

o Which of the character is the most like you? How are they like you? What character traits do they exhibits and share in common? What is different about the character than you?

o If you were to produce a Hollywood film about this novel who would you cast for the role of each main character and why? Would you include every seen from the novel? If not, what scenes would you “cut” to save costs?

Section E: Vocabulary CHOOSE ONE (10 points)

Complete either the Vocabulary or Quote work listed below:

***o Vocabulary: Find 10 vocabulary words in the novel that are difficult to understand. You will complete the vocabulary outline that we use for our regular vocabulary practice for each of the words, AND explain how the word was use in the novel.

o Choose 10 of your favorite phrases/sentences/quotes from the book and explain why they are important to the book, what character said the quote/phrases/sentence, and why the quote is important to the novel.


Please, just do the one that I highlighted and Italic. Thank you.

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