ENG 123

Pursuasive essay, three part assignment:


Part one = Annotated Bibliography. The annotated bibliography requires you to assemble a list of at least four credible sources that 

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you may potentially use in the final research essay. For each annotation, you will summarize the source’s information, evaluate its overall credibility, and analyze 

its usefulness in supporting your persuasive thesis. Your completed document should apply either APA or MLA standards. Due November 8


Part two=The research essay outline illustrates the correlation and proposed organization of your 

information in the form of a simple bulleted outline or visual organizer. The required content you present will include the following: introduction; body 

paragraphs, including at least one integrated source; and your conclusion. Due November 15


Part three=  The research essay draft is your first full attempt at the final research essay and contains all 

of its major components. The first draft of your final research essay should follow these formatting guidelines: It must be at least 6–8 pages, double-spaced 

(excluding reference page), with standard margins and Times New Roman 12-point font. The paper should adhere to all APA or MLA standards of formatting. The 

paper should use at least four sources, with a minimum of three of those resources coming from those qualified in the annotated bibliography. Due November 22


This is the entire assignment! 

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