easy discussion replies 20

Must be a minimum of 100 words each

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1) Chapter 19: Understanding Biometrics

Lets talk Biometrics.

Your reading says that biometric devices use physical characteristics to identify the user. Such devices are becoming more common in the business environment. Biometric systems include fingerprint/palm/hand scanners, retinal scanners, and soon, possibly, DNA scanners. To gain access to resources, you must pass a physical screening process. In the case of a hand scanner, this may include identifying fingerprints, scars, and markings on your hand. Retinal scanners compare your eye’s retinal pattern to a stored retinal pattern to verify your identity.

Watch this video tutorial.

Video Tutorial – BIOMETRICS – 21 Minutes:


Class, how are human behaviors associated with biometrics? Please explain your thoughts?

2) Chapter 19: Hard Drives

It is essential that a data destruction/disposal plan is in place to avoid any potential problems if confidential data falls into the wrong hands. There are three key concepts to understand in regards to hard drives. First is formatting the drives, next sanitizing them, and finally, destruction. As the chapter states, formatting prepares the drive to hold new information. Next the sanitation involves wiping the data off the hard drive, and finally, destruction makes the hard drive no longer usable.

3) Chapter 19: Antivirus and Anti malware

Hello class,

Lets look at Antivirus and Anti-malware Software concepts.

Chapter 19 says the primary method of preventing the propagation of malicious code involves the use of antivirus software. Antivirus software is an application that is installed on a system to protect it and to scan for viruses as well as worms and Trojan horses. Most viruses have characteristics that are common to families of viruses. Antivirus software looks for these characteristics, or fingerprints, to identify and neutralize viruses before they impact you.

Now, watch the following video.

Video Tutorial – Antivirus vs Anti-mailware


Class, what did you learn from watching the video? How does Antivirus software actually work? Please be thorough in your responses.

4) Chapter 19: Operating System Updates

I really like this topic. Operating System Updates!!!

It’s easy to forget that these tiny yet powerful mobile devices we’ve been talking about are running operating systems that play the same role as the operating systems of their larger brethren. As such, users must be careful not to let the operating systems go too long without updates. Occasionally, mobile devices will notify the user of an important update to the operating system. Too often, however, these notifications never come. Therefore, each user should develop the habit of checking for updates on a regular basis.

Video Tutorial – Download and Installing Updates – 6 Minutes:


Class, what did you learn about automatically updating your operating system? Is it a good idea? What should be your concerns?

5) Chapter 23: Cloud Storage Concerns

ello again class,

Lets look at one of our objectives for this week.

Compare and contrast the security risks of data storage and retrieval types

Watch the following Video.

Video Tutorial – Cloud Storage Concerns – 2 Minutes:


Class, what are your thoughts on this tutorial? This was back in 2014, 4 years later, is it an issue? Why or why not?

6) Chapter 23: Understanding Electrostatic Discharge

Hello class,

Happy Wednesday.

I want to talk about Electrostatic Discharge for a moment. This is a topic discussed in your reading.

Your reading says that so far, we’ve talked about how electricity can hurt people, but it can also pose safety issues for computer components. One of the biggest concerns for components is electrostatic discharge (ESD). For the most part, ESD won’t do serious damage to a person other than provide a little shock.

Watch this Video Tutorial.

Video Tutorial – Electrostatic Discharge – 5 Min:


Class, what did you learn from your reading or from watching the tutorial above? Please be thorough in your responses.

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