discussion question 2 replay to my classmate

You need to answer the discussion question and replay to TWO of my classmate

First, after you’ve browsed the poem links, read seven poems in detail. Then jump in here and call dibs on the one poem you wish to analyze.

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  • If someone else already called dibs on that poem, then please select a different one.
  • You’re encouraged to reply to your classmate’s post about that poem, of course!

Next, write an original post about your poem that responds to these prompts:

  1. Why did you select your poem?
  2. Summarize the meaning of your poem in just a couple sentences.
  3. Please quote two or three memorable (“golden”) lines from that poem.
  4. Mention any words, phrases, lines, or other passages that confused you. Quote those, too, so your savvy classmates can help explicate them. (Literary interpretation is known as exegesis or hermeneutics, by the way!)
  5. Finally, reply at least two times to your classmates: comment on their selected poems, golden lines, and offer guidance that helps mollify any perplexity!
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