Discussion- balanced scorecard

Question description

Consider the four key perspectives of a balanced scorecard applied to your Capsim competition: (1) the learning and growth perspective, (2) the business process perspective, (3) the customer perspective, and (4) the financial perspective. Then respond to the following:

  • Provide an overview of an organization you are familiar with or one that you researched. Include in your overview statistics that describe the organization, such as its product/service, size, and number of employees.
  • Discuss whether the four key perspectives are relevant to that organization.
  • How can you utilize the four key perspectives to analyze and improve your Capsim simulation rounds?


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Throughout this course, students will participate in the “Capsim Core” business simulation. This is a team-based simulation that provides students the opportunity to lead a company in a team environment and drive all the functional tactics and short-term decisions toward long-term strategy. The simulation’s objectives include exercising collaborative skills that are vital in the business world and applying theory to practice through integrated decision-making. The Capsim Core content is integrated into this course’s Discussion Questions, Critical Thinking Assignments, and the Portfolio Project.

This course presents an examination of the strategies for success in the competitive environment of global organizations. Specifically, the course provides an analysis of the internal and external environment, the roles and responsibilities of leaders in developing and implementing strategy, and the practical application of
evaluating the outcomes for that strategy. The entire strategic process is studied from its inception of identifying objectives, values and vision, through functional tactics and short-term objectives, to finally achieving ultimate, long-term goals. This course also incorporates business journal and case study readings with assignment activities that require critical analysis, while encouraging students to apply strategic models in addressing business decisions. In the final portfolio project, students demonstrate ability to synthesize the decision-making process learned during the application of the simulation experience and other course materials.

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