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Take some time to reflect on your dream job duties, and think about how you could be an asset to your new team. This will form the basis of your white paper report.

Additionally, look up a news story about something happening in your career choice.

This will be the purpose of our white paper report:

“That a certain solution is best for a particular problem.”

This will be the structure of our white paper report:

Cover page

Introduction (150 to 200 words)

Discussion (550 to 800 words)

Recommendation/s (150 to 200 words)

Sources (7 sources)

Reading assignment:

Read The Elements of Technical Writing, Chapter 2; and Chapter 10, pages 153 & 154.

Discussion assignment:

In your dream job discussion thread, post a reply with a draft introduction for your white paper report.

Important NOTES:

I have taken the time to remove your additional discussion threads, and copied/pasted your week 2 module discussion response as a reply to your original dream job discussion post. All of your discussion responses should be posted as a reply to your original dream job posting.

* If you did not complete the week 1 module, NOW is the time to complete that important assignment.

* I will no longer grade discussion posts that are not a part of your dream job discussion thread.

* If you are unsure what to do, you need to check the syllabus or e-mail me for clarification.

Your introduction should reflect a problem or issue in your career choice that you have located in a news story – which will be one of the seven sources needed for your report.

The challenge with writing an introduction is that it usually relates or reflects what is being discussed in the the entire report. Since we have not yet written the report, we will write a draft of the introduction. This means we can revise the introduction later. Use the resources below for tips.

Your draft introduction should be about 100 words. Post a link to the news story also.


“How to write your white paper introduction?”

“The introductory paragraph”

“Starting your research paper: Writing an introductory paragraph”

Peer/group assignment:


Written assignment:


The memo is an information document that is used internally in a company or organization. It is a means to share organizational discussions among employees. In some ways an email message can be seen as the electronic version of a memo.

The reading in chapter 10 gives some details about the memo structure.

Write a memo to someone at your dream job company in order to discuss your purpose for the white paper report. Use some of the information you found in the news story to provide facts or details.

Find the website of the company to locate contact information for an individual at the company, for the person who will be receiving the memo.

The memo should be short – about 150 to 200 words, single-spaced, and should be two or three paragraphs, which makes it easier to read.

Do not use a template for your memo – use the example listed in the textbook.

Submit your assignment here.

Due date:

Friday, week 3, 5:00 p.m.

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