Discussion 1: Peer Review of Prospectus 1PAGE

Constructive criticism may not be something you have learned to embrace. Yet, being open to criticism is vital to navigating through the Dissertation process. You will receive it at every step in your Dissertation process. This iterative process is how you create, develop, and improve your Dissertation until it is in final form. 

For this Discussion, you are asked to post the draft of your Prospectus that you submitted in your Final Project in Week 10.Before you post, take thisopportunity to examine the alignment of all components of your Prospectus. Review the Historical Alignment Tool (HAT) matrix that you developed in Week 5 and refined in Week 9. Save this matrix and update it throughout the completion of your Prospectus, and the creation of your Proposal and Dissertation. It’s the “master” tracking tool for changes you make along the way. If you have not already used this tool in a residency, you will. Also, review the abstract you created in Week 9 to ensure that the Prospectus, HAT, and abstract match one another and are in alignment and up to date.

Your colleagues are asked to provide feedback about your Prospectus. You, too, are asked to provide feedback to at least one colleague about his or her Prospectus. Please select the Prospectus of the colleague to whom you provided feedback in Week 9.

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