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In my opinion the entire United States lacked immigrants in the country during the late 1700’s all the way up to world war two. During those times freedom was very scarce due to the fact that Indians were not allowed in our nation and Chinese people including kids were heavily discriminated against because of the pearl harbor attack on the American naval base in Hawaii. However, I feel as though now that America has progresses in attracting immigrants especially in southern states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. “Liberal, idealistic definition of America assert that the United States is not premised on a common ethnicity, race, language, religion, or even homeland, and what makes Americans “Americans’ is not rooted to any of these things” (Griffin & McFarland, 2007, p. 120). Those states mentioned have heavy populated areas where different cultures dominate the area, along with having their own parades, holidays and other celebrations that are embraced by American born citizens as well.

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Despite the senate favoring English as the primary language (Griffin & McFarland, 2007), America is very welcoming in allowing immigrants to come to this country. Once immigrants meet the obligations of becoming an American citizen, they are entitled to get a green card which allows them to receive the same benefits equivalent to what a U.S. citizen can get. For an example, it may be hard for an immigrant to land a job where they can take care of themselves and family, the green card will entitle them to get housing, food, and health assistance.


Griffin, L.J., & McFarland, K. (2007, Winter). In my heart, I’m an American: Regional attitudes and American identity. Southern Cultures, 13(4), 119-139.

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