Discovery and Modeling

Peneleope’s Future Boxes has high hopes for its expansion and is depending on you to help it make the transition to a Digital Enterprise with efficient, value-producing business processes.To that end, CEO Penelope has arranged a meeting in which you will provide her company with the plan and results of your process discovery and modeling effort.Penelope will expect clear results in several areas.To satisfy her, you will need to perform the following activities.Assume that Penelope is moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2 in her original three-year plan (see Appendix A below).

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Deliverable: about 10 – 15 annotated Power Point slides with any necessary notes:

Refined Process Architecuture (8 points) – Finalize your process architecture from Project 1.List each process, briefly describe its purpose and importance, and list the Guidelines (from Chapter 2 of the Dumas text) used to justify it.Provide an explanation for each guideline listed.

Process Elicitation Plan (7 points) – Select and justify methods for eliciting business process steps (including actors, resources, and any involved IS).Provide sample ‘details’ of any questions, documents, or meetings that would be required.You may wish to consult both the Schedlbauer and Dumas texts.

Process Modeling Results (30 points) – Select two (2) of the more critical business processes from those identified in your Process Architecture and provide each of the following ‘as-is’ elements (refer to Schedlbauer).Label each appropriately.

a.Process context diagram

b.Business use case diagram

c.Process synopsis diagram

d.Process narrative

e.Work breakdown model

f.BPMN 2.0 diagram (full collaboration diagrams – refer to Dumas text)

Reference Materials Used (1 slide for 5 Points): One slide that lists the materials that were used to develop this solution. This must include the following:

oSpecific topics in the text(chapter, section)that were helpful in this assignment

oOutside materials (give specific links) on the Net that were helpful in this assignment

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