Need responding to the following discussion post. APA format. Use in-text citations 300 to 350 word count.

What a topic! I am intrigued and happy to see someone tackling a very difficult and yet necessary subject. Alternative schooling/education has had a stigma and was much maligned when I was a teenager back in the 80’s. The view was that the students who went to alternative schooling were “losers” or unable to cut it in regular high school. They were the miscreants and criminals who really didn’t want to attend school or were expelled from mainstream schooling for some unknown reason. Now we know differently. Our opinions as a society are changing because we are finding that people all learn differently and there are other mitigating factors in why children and adolescents need access to alternative education. I personally know of several children who attend alternative schools not because they are not able to make it in mainstream schools but because they are brilliant and too far advanced and creative to be subject to mainstream schooling. At my daughter’s high school they have classes for advanced children and for those who are developmentally or otherwise special in some way. I love the concept because all children need to be socialized and able to have access to the services they need. Edgar-Smith & Palmer (2015) believe that alternative education is based on the idea that traditional public education does not adequately address the intensive needs required of at-risk students. I agree with your assessments that supportive school climates, positivity, and effective classroom control are key. Also, many of these students do need to be taught proper social skills, and have access to individualized attention. Also, according to McGregor & Mills (2012) there have been numerous studies that indicate that factors such as social class, gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality are closely tied to the vulnerability of certain individuals. Naturally alternative education offers a safe haven or place for those who may be marginalized or unable to function at a high capacity in regular public schools. Alternative schooling offers a great many things but most of all it gives children the chance to learn and develop so that they may be able to participate in society as productive people. I wish you great success and see you at residency!

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