Critique Treatment Outcome Study NEED In 8hours

Need in 8 hours by 9am

Follow the instructions in the Lab Manual, pp. 79-80.

A research journal article is provided below (in these instructions). It describes a treatment outcome study. Read and critique this article, addressing each one of the questions listed on pp. 79-80.

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Answer in complete sentences and be sure to explain your answers so that you demonstrate a clear understanding of internal and external validity, bias, confounding variables, and experimental control.

Be sure to consult the vocabulary list of definitions and your notes and the other material provided below from this lab’s in-class discussion.

This file below is the research article that is the focus of your homework.

HomeworkResearchArticleStressManagement.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window

HELPFUL INFORMATION: For your reference, the file below is a review of specific answers to the questions of the In-Class Assignment, the questions which were the focus of your group discussions and presentations in the lab class. It highlights many of the concepts (and vocabulary terms) that were relevant to the specific questions.

Many of the homework questions are similar to the questions we discussed in class, so a good review of this document could be VERY HELPFUL with the homework. Remember to use the vocabulary appropriately on your homework as much as you can wherever it is relevant, and be sure to explain.

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