Concept of Self

Concept of Self

Understanding how a person’s sense of self is generated is complex and difficult to define. However, understanding how people develop their perceptions of self is an integral part of understanding human behavior.

In this assignment, you will explore the concepts used to integrate emotion and cognition into one’s sense of self. You will review the six concepts used to incorporate cognition and emotion into one’s sense of self (self as soul, self as organizing activity, self as cognitive structure, self as verbal activity, self as the experience of cohesion, and self as a flow of experience). Then you will select the three concepts that most closely align to your sense of self. You will define your sense of self by using the three concepts and analyze how your sense of self can be strengthened and used to influence your future behavior.

  • Identify three concepts out of the six for an analysis of the nature of your sense of self:
    • The self as a soul
    • The self as an organizing activity
    • The self as cognitive structure
    • The self as a verbal activity
    • The self as an experience of cohesion
    • The self as a flow of experience
  • Define the three selected concepts and explain the major similarities and differences among them.
  • Describe your sense of self on the basis of the three perspectives you have chosen.
  • Identify and analyze how your sense of self may be strengthened or used to influence your future behavior.
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