Assignment Instructions

Your paper should be 10-12 *substantive* pages, not including cover page and references. Please follow the Turabian/Chicago Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework to the University. See **Please refer to the grading rubric under the Lessons tab for the grading rubric that will be used to grade this assignment** Use TRN12 Font. Submit as a doc or docx please. The inclusion of some media, graphics or PowerPoint slides is highly encouraged. At a minimum you should have 8 references. PUT YOUR NAME IN THE FILENAME EXTENSIONS PLEASE.

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This project is modeled on the work of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

You are representing the United States as part of a working Committee convened to examine the issue of Globalization. Your first order of business is to propose the top three areas for consideration by the committee. Because not all countries share the same priorities, you must defend your proposals and persuade the Committee of the importance of addressing your issues above others. In doing so, you are particularly aware that you are representing the Global North and representatives from the Global South are also on the Committee. Once the Committee agrees to examine your issues, you should propose solutions to the problems you have identified. You must back-up your solutions using theories of globalization by the respected authors you have read on the subject. After your solutions are developed, you meet with members of civil society to present your solutions. Academic leaders, representatives from non-governmental organizations, international representatives, and business leaders will provide you with feedback.

Your double-spaced paper will address the following criteria:

• What are the top three areas you believe the Committee should address?

• Why do these issues merit attention compared to other major issues?

• What are the solutions you propose?

• How will members of civil society respond to your proposal? Include at least one reaction likely from a representative of the Global North and one reaction likely from a representative of the Global South, describing the distinct impact your proposals will likely have on each region.


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