Competencies in Psychology Resources

Competencies in Psychology

As mentioned in the unit studies, you have covered a wide range of competencies essential to your success as a professional in psychology and a graduate learner. For this discussion, reflect on your career exploration in the unit studies and the competencies most relevant to your vision as a psychology practitioner-scholar. In your post, respond to the following questions:

  • What skills and abilities are most critical to your success in your psychology specialization?
  • What did you learn from your professional interview that helped you clarify your vision and the competencies necessary for your success?
  • What relevant information did you gather from the Practitioner Resources tab in the PSY5002 & PSY5005 Research Guide?
  • What additional information do you need to clarify your vision as a professional in the field of psychology?

Psychology Competencies

Throughout the course, you worked toward establishing a vision for your future career in psychology based on your passions, interests, and aspirations in the field. You have also covered a wide range of competencies relevant to your success as a psychology professional and graduate learner.

Workplace competencies are capabilities needed to accomplish tasks that are central to one’s profession. They comprise critical skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Understanding the competencies that are critical to your success is essential for preparing yourself to become a practitioner-scholar in your specialized field. You may know that education in such competencies is fundamental to Capella’s mission and philosophy. The syllabus of each course lists the competencies that learners will acquire and demonstrate in the course. At the levels of programs and specializations, these competencies are generalized as learner outcomes.

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Investigate the following resources to identify the competencies needed for the specialization you are most interested in.

Following are the program outcomes for psychology and clinical psychology:

  • Determine the scientific merit of the professional literature.
  • Apply theoretical and research findings from the discipline of psychology to professional and academic activities.
  • Apply ethical principles and standards of psychology to academic and professional activities.
  • Embrace, respect, and respond to individual differences and diversity in the practice of psychology.
  • Communicate psychological concepts effectively using the professional standards of the discipline.

To find the outcomes for a specialization:

Visit the Web site and browse job openings by category or search with keywords related to your specialization. Make note of the competencies, requirements, and qualifications that employers desire for these positions.

Use these sources to develop a comprehensive list of about 10 competencies you will need for the specialization you are interested in. Be sure to note the sources of your information.

Reminder: Interviewing a Psychology Professional

If you have not already done so, as soon as possible, you should complete your interview with a professional in psychology who works in the specialization you are most interested in. Your questions should be formulated to find out about the nature of work in in the specialization, and what competencies, requirements and qualifications are needed for your success, and clarify appropriate goals and milestones. You will use this information in this unit’s discussion and in your final assignment.

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