community perception towards nurses and the nursing profession

Question descriptionThis course has been amazingly interesting to me and I quite enjoyed seeing the theorists behind my every day nursing practice. I do not I think I realized how hard the nurses before had to work and advocate to ensure our patients were receiving the best care, and to ensure nursing was a valued and respected profession. We have made significant strides since the times many of these theorists were implementing their ideas, and modern-day nurses have these nurses to thank! It is because of them I am able to work in a safe environment to provide safe care to my patients, and that nurses are now respected to speak up and advocate for the health of our patients. They allowed us to actually care and feel with our patients instead of just doing tasks directed by others. I love my profession, and these theorists made nursing the way it is today. This course has given me more respect for this profession and it has given me new insight into how I treat my patients and why my nursing practice is the way that it is. Hopefully it has inspired some to create new nursing theory and to continue to advance this profession!

According to Colley, nursing theory gives nurses a sense of identity, and a directed way to care for patients; it allows nursing to be viewed as a unique profession and shows nurses can greatly contribute to healthcare (Colley, 2003). I do believe I have met the objectives of this course. I understand how these theories set the foundation for nursing to be multicultural, caring, and a profession of advocacy. I understand how patients are not just their illness, but parts of health and illness. Nursing theorists have allowed current nurses to advocate and educate our patients, ensuring we are preventing further instances of illness. This course has allowed me to think and view how these theories apply to my current practice and how I can better for my patients in my day to day work. I am able to think about their theories and I have been finding myself spending more quality time with patients due to learning about these theories. I found the importance of this class to be more one of caring and on a deeper level than just nursing skill and tasks. In my associate degree program, the goal was to ensure I could perform the tasks in order to safely be a nurse. This course has allowed me to view nursing in a broader light and to be able to focus on the critical thinking aspect of the profession and made me think of how I can better forward this profession.


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Colley, S. (2003). Nursing theory: its importance to practice. Nurs Stand17(46), 33.


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