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Even though     there is growing awareness of the importance of evidence-based     practice, in education there is a reported gap between what has been     found by research to be effective and what educators use and     practice in their daily work. “A new national survey of more     than 1,000 RNs suggests that resistance from nursing leaders and     other barriers prevent nurses from implementing evidence-based     practices that improve patient outcomes. When survey respondents     ranked these barriers, the most frequently mentioned also included     politics and organizational cultures that avoid change.”     (, 2012) When asked what would help them implement     evidence-based practice, respondents reported education, access to     information and organizational support among their top needs.

Another barrier can be policies in certain       agencies. Although agencies often report that they support       evidence based practice, when it comes to making even the best       evidence-supported changes in policy or procedures,       recommendations can and do still meet with resistance. Commonly       identified individual barriers reported include lack of knowledge       about research methods, poor awareness of research findings, and       negative attitude towards having to do research which then leads       to not having a certain policy or procedure in place.

When looking at     the challenges that come up in the process of implementing evidence     based practice in areas of work many things can be prevented by     addressing the issues at hand and start using more evidence based     practice. By addressing these dilemmas, challenges can be minimized,     although not totally avoided or eliminated. By creating the ability     to commit necessary resources to implement EBP approach in its     entirety, including providing relevant and ongoing training for all     workers.

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