Dissemination of research findings in the clinical nursing literature occurred at two levels: through articles that reported studies of potential value to the nurse’s practice and citations to research publications within articles. Relevance to clinical practice. Disseminating research in journals that are geared to clinicians is essential to increase nurses’ awareness of research findings that might be relevant to their practice (Oermann, Nordstrom, Wilmes, Denison, Webb, Featherston, & Kowalewski, 2008). The American Association of Critical Care Nurses Journal would be a great place to present my project because the success of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) bundles in preventing ventilator associated pneumonia largely depends on the knowledge and cooperation of critical care nurses. Educating them will bring awareness to the difference that they as nurses can make. Over 100,000 nurses and nursing students currently subscribe to The American Association of Critical Care Nurses Journal. The National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition would be a good conference to discuss my project because the conference focuses on evidence based practices and has critical care nurses from around the country and beyond. It is a good way to educate but also a great place to learn from others in the same field. The exposition also allows nurses to collect CE hours for attendance so this will add an extra incentive for nurses to participate. The conference offer more than education; it also offers an environment for support and inspiration. Nurses come with an open mind ready to learn and getting nurses to understand the need for change is half the battle.

Oermann, M. H., Nordstrom, C. K., Wilmes, N. A., Denison, D., Webb, S. A., Featherston, D. E., & Kowalewski, K. (2008, January). Dissemination of research in clinical nursing journals. Retrieved January 29, 2018, from

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