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In the following artwork made by Chinese artist Chen Wei, the artist attempts to express his own story of what his life was like in China through a single depiction. The purpose of the artwork provided is to project a brief synopsis of the political & social experiences that the artist went through in China. The artwork is meant to be viewed by a non-artist foreigner because it is supposed to be interpreted as strange and abnormal.

In the following picture, a representation of life in China can be seen. It all starts with the remnants or clothes of a man that lay on what appears to be on an expensive looking couch covered in a mound of dirt with a light shining directly onto it. The walls appear to have a plain and simple color scheme similar to everything else in the room and there appears to be a megaphone sitting in darkness that is pointing directly at the remains of a man even though there is no one to shout at.

The interpretation of the artwork begins with the stereotypical Chinese allusion of being overworked in a sweatshop to the death which is represented by the clothes that remain in the ever shining light. The (leftover) man in the picture appears to have been placed in a monotonously colored room and was told what to do from the beginning of his till after his death which is represented by the megaphone a few meters away from his face and the fact that the light is still on. The man also appeared to have been strained economically which prevented him from doing anything, the man behind the megaphone also represents the acting government and it appears that they did not seem to care about him, instead they placed him in an economically impossible situation, took advantage of his cheap labor, told him it was all for the leather chair (money) and left him to rot in a life that was represented as redundant.

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