Case Study: What Information to Gather

  • Read the case study of Janis Jones and answer the subsequent questioning concerning the case.
  • 1. Identify the presenting problem in this case.
  • 2. What other possible problems do you suspect?
  • 3. What questions do you have about Janis and her situation?
  • 4. What information would you like to add to the case file so you have a more complete picture of this client?Provide two referrals you would make to gather additional information.
  • 5. Identify the types of referrals, the purpose of the referrals and the questions you would like answered for both.
  • 6. One of the first steps in gathering information is to decide what to do. This process begins with identifying the problem and deciding what information will help you complete a picture of the client.

1. Read about Janis.

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Janis Jones has just come to live with her grandmother in a small house in a community near the university. She is 12 years old and runs with a “rough” crowd as her grandmother describes it. She and her mother never really bonded, but her mother retains legal custody so that she can cover Janis with her insurance. Janis talks back to her grandmother, disobeys her, and pays little attention to the rules. About two months ago, she screamed at her grandmother in the parking lot of a movie theater and was hysterical for two hours. Her mother and her grandmother believe she needs to see a counselor and she has agreed. The counselor thinks she is depressed and refers her to a physician for medication. Unfortunately, her behavior is getting out of control. She’s becoming more and more defiant, staying out late, and not telling her grandmother where she is going. Her grandmother thinks she may be experimenting with drugs. Yesterday Janis slapped her grandmother and threatened to kill her.

2. Identify the presenting problem in this case.

3. What other possible problems do you suspect?

4. What questions do you have about Janis and her situation?

5. What information would you like to add to her case file so that you have a more complex picture of this client?

6. If you decide to refer Janis to other professionals to gather additional information, identify the professionals, state the purpose of the referral, and write the specific questions you would like answered.

* Professional 1:



* Professional 2:



* Professional 3:



Woodside, Marianne R.; McClam, Tricia. Generalist Case Management Workbook (SAB 125 Substance Abuse Case Management). Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition.

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