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Crisis communication is an integral aspect of public relations that can have either positive or negative repercussions based upon the action that an organization responds. The manner in which an organization handles a crisis determines financial implications that may ensue, public perception and reputation of the organization, as well as the overall success or failure of the organization in the future.

Consequently, Timothy Coombs asserts that the best crisis communication practice is to respond quickly, accurately, and consistently (Coombs, 2010: 28). Other scholars concur and add supplementary techniques which emphasize preparedness and responsibility.

In form of a proper drafted essay, spot models of best practices for crisis management and to use these models to investigate the effectiveness of AT & T Company response to the communication crisis that they long-faced attributable to breakdown of the systems.

The final report should not be of less than 11 pages including cover page. Include citations and references for your work.

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