Select an industry of interest such as automobile, hospital and banking.

Identify and describe some of

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the problems affecting the industry where

“business systems application”

may be used. An example is

that you can write your research paper on a phone application. Identify

the reasons (technological and /

or business drivers) behind the problems.


Evaluate the options in relationship to the problem and identify which

option you

determine would be the best fit. (A-2, C-



Select at least one problem area and research different systems solutions (3 option


or technologies currently available or under development that may help sol

ve the



Select a business case template that you like. Briefly tell me why you select

ed that

business case template and how it is associated with the (technological and/


business drivers) problem that you selected for your Business Case Research paper.


The paper Business Case and Business Plan details must be no more than

2 pages


The remainder of your paper must be details on one problem area, research and

resolution. The paper should be from

4 to 6 pages in length

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