I am needing a 2-3 page paper on the scenario and questions below along with a sample strategic plan that is attached as PDF. I have also attached my previous paper that ties into this one.

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This is the scenario:

You have just been promoted to program manager in a small nonprofit human services agency. The director of the agency has tasked you with creating a proposal, aligned with the agency’s new strategic plan, that addresses growing concerns about the culture of the organization, most recently described as “toxic.” During the past year, 10 employees have left due to problems in getting along with coworkers, poor job satisfaction, and the conclusion of grant funding. Please select one of the following sample strategic plans for use in your final project. You will use this selected strategic plan to inform your own supporting proposal for the agency.

Your previous position within the organization has provided you with the opportunity to experience the gaps and inadequacies of the current workforce structure. As a result, you are prepared to present a proposal to guide the agency’s efforts to recruit and retain an outstanding workforce and acquire adequate funding to sustain the necessary programmatic growth needed to improve service delivery. You are expected to present your ideas to the director in preparation for the board of directors’ meeting.

These are the questions:

Provide information regarding how budget and funding impact the delivery and quality of programs and grant funding.

1.) Based on the relationship between the agency’s budget and the delivery of services, explain the need for maintaining a budget based on ethical

standards in human services. Provide examples of ethical decisions that will improve the agency’s service to the community. Consider including

relevant standards in human services to support claims.

2.) Describe how decisions regarding personnel changes and the agency’s budget influence the quality of program services. You might also think

about which ethical standards in human services address this influence.

3.) Analyze the relationships between grant funding and the delivery of services. How does grant funding help address gaps in agency budgets?

Consider the laws and regulations in relation to grant compliance.

4.) Describe how the proposal may impact future funding sources. You might also think about historical and current trends in human services programming, workforce structures, and funding.

Strategic Plan Sample: http://www.virtualcap.org/downloads/US/FL_CFCAA_2011-2016.pdf

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