Both Anthem, the second largest health insurer in the US, and fellow health insurer Premera Blue Cross, suffered massive data breaches in the first quarter of 2015. The potential impact to individuals was significant. The 80 million records under Anthem’s care and the 11 million records under Premera’s care included names, birthdays, medical ID’s, Social Security Numbers, street addresses, e-mail addresses, employment and income information. Investigations indicate that the breaches can be tracked to compromised credentials for system access. There are approximately 323 million US citizens as of early 2016, thus personally identifiable information (PII) on almost one of every three people in the U. S. was captured in these two exploits alone.

Task Description
Review the links below and other Internet sources on the Anthem and Premera data breaches. Also research ways in which identity credentials are used by attackers (for example, how they are “monetized” on the Dark Web, even if not directly used for identity theft, or used for advanced persistent threat attacks). Write a case study analysis that looks at countermeasures (measures that should be implemented to prevent future similar occurrences) and the impact to both individuals and to the organizations affected. Consider long-term and short-term impact.

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