Spend thirty minutes IN NATURE–go to the ocean, a nearby lake or reservoir,

or keep it simple and go to the fountain on campus by the Flint center.

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What do you feel by being in nature? What is your relationship to the

natural world? How does your connection, or lack of connection, make you

feel about protecting the environment? ( I am located in Santa Clara, California )

Reply to these comments (150 words each):

Rules :

1. Each post MUST BE three or more sentences. This includes your posts in response to other student posts.

2. Each post must be detailed. It is not enough to simply write, “I agree with you” or “I like your idea.” You must say WHY you agree or like someone’s ideas.

3. Write in complete, standard English sentences. Do not “text.” Poorly written posts will not be considered for a grade.

4. If you disagree with someone’s post, politely do so. Explain why you disagree with facts and details.

5. If you agree with someone, build on the ideas.

6. You can reply to someone who had replied to your original post; this will count as another of your required postings for the assignment.

7. Be kind, respectful, and curious toward other students.

8. The instructor reserves the right to delete any post that is offensive, intolerant, or not sufficiently academic for a college-level course.

Yinjie Liu :

As far back as I can remember, I like the feeling when I being in nature. I constantly spend my time on outside activities since it was so beneficial for me. I can totally leave away from the social world and find myself suddenly combine with the nature. There are no trends, influences, or expectations. I enjoy to breathe the fresh air in a nicer weather, which make me feel joyful,and this is perhaps the most obvious reason for me to get outside. Obviously, we should take actions to protect the environment in order to have a clean world.

Ratna Kahsyap :

This week I spent some alone time out side and as I am looking around my surrounding environment I come to realize how lucky we are to have beautiful scenery around us. Cupertino is located in the middle of the silicon valley. Which is surrounded by mountains and beautiful trees. When I am around nature, I feel I am at peace without any disturbance. My relationship with nature is special because it is a very authentic feeling when you are alone and its just you and nature and you start to appreciate what mother nature blesses us with . Even in the mist of natural disasters, we always will have something to look forward to . I believe we need to work on climate change and save our natural environment because without nature life will not go on.

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