bartering counseling

Consider the video, Bartering:

The Architect, and Janice’s therapeutic relationship with you as the counselor. It is important that the counselor consider the ramifications of bartering before agreeing to an exchange. What looks like a gesture of good-will on the counselor’s part can easily boomerang and negate the gains you have made in therapy. Keep in mind some of the things that might go wrong and how his might affect your ability to provide therapy.

1. What ACA principles and standard (s) can you use to make a decision about whether to enter into a bartering relationship with Janice?

After you have deliberated on these issues you decide that bartering with Janice is workable. Consider, the following scenarios that may happened despite your best intentions.

2. For example, let us say that you were displeased with Janice’s plans. How would handle this situation in an ethical and therapeutically sensitive manner?

3. On the other hand, you might inadvertently take advantage of Janice. For example, if out of a desire to do an outstanding job for you, she goes well beyond the agreement you have her. How would handle this situation in an ethical and therapeutically sensitive manner?

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