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Barriers to cultural sensitivity in the nursing profession can include stereotyping, discrimination, racism, and prejudice. There are situations in which we may portray a lack of sensitivity without realizing it or intending to offend someone else. Simple steps such as addressing patients by their last name or asking how they wish to be addressed demonstrate respect. Never make assumptions about other individuals or their beliefs. Always find out what the patient knows about their health problems and treatments. Understand where men and women fit in the patient’s society. In some cultures, the oldest male is the decision-maker for the rest of the family, even with regards to treatment decisions. Most importantly, make an effort to gain the patient’s trust for a stronger nurse-patient relationship (Anderson, 2012).

Culture competence is the ability to provide effective care for patients who come from different cultures. It requires sensitivity and effective communication in nursing, both verbally and non-verbally (Anderson, 2012).

Cultural Preservation : Nurses apply this concept by supporting the use of scientifically acceptable cultural practices in nursing. Nurses can understand these practices through interaction with the local communities in which they operate. This promotes the culture of the local community; the members of the communities feel a sense of belonging to their community and cultural identity. For example, Mwarobainini herb is believed to cure forty ailments in Kenya. 

Cultural accommodation: This is the support by nurses of cultural practices that are not harmful. For is believed in china that placing a metallic object on a fractured bone facilitates the recovery of the fractured bone. Although not proven harmful the practicality of this practice has not yet been proved however cultural accommodation encourages nurses to propagate such practices. This is a way of promoting the culture of the local communities.

Cultural repatterning: Some cultural practices are harmful to the patient. For example, some herbs can cause harm to patients when used, for example the Msemei herb which has been used by medicine men in Ghana to cure cough in children has been proved to be harmful to health. Cultural repatterning involves the nursing discouraging the use of cultural practices that have been proven harmful. 

Cultural brokering: This is the use of cultural practices combined with the health care practices to improve the healing process of the patient. Some herbs used in some communities have been proven to cure some diseases. The nurses may use such herbs in conjunction with the health care plan to improve the healing process.

Practice of the above strategies can be hindered if nurses lack knowledge of the cultural practices of the communities they serve. Nurses should therefore posses’ knowledge of the cultural practices of their communities because some of them may be helpful in healthcare (Paulanka, & Purnell, 2005).

Nurses in general health care settings have found culturally diverse patients to be challenging and frustrating. Specific difficulties identified have been language barriers, dealing with relatives, barriers within the bureaucratic system, and personal stress and helplessness within the nurse-patient relationship (Medscape Log In., n.d.).

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