Assignment: Perspectives of Problems and Networking and Next Steps

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Learning Objectives

  • Apply professional perspectives to education-related problems
  • Analyze networking strategies to support professional collaboration
  • Analyze personal and professional goals
  • TIPS:
  • My degree:EdD
  • Welcome to the EdD program Road Map! As you view the road map, please keep in mind that you are on one of the most exciting journeys of your life. It is a journey in the truest sense of the word. So, for a moment, please think about the last road trip that you took. When you left your home, you knew where you were headed. Perhaps, in addition to using a web based map, you looked at an old fashioned road map where you viewed all of the various routes that would lead to your ultimate destination. Along any of the routes, you likely observed different towns and points of interest. Perhaps you looked up one of the key tourist attractions to note what the attraction contained. Perhaps you marked each of the towns and milestones off on the map as you past each knowing that you were moving closer and closer to your destination.With this course, you have just begun your doctoral journey. The road map that you are viewing contains various elements that will build one upon the other until you have reached your destination (i.e., graduation and entering your career as a scholar of change). Many of the elements in the road map have popup boxes that will provide you with an explanation of each as well as resources that will help you to master skill sets within and across program elements. Although listed individually, none of the elements on the road map stand alone. Each is a building block. Concepts that you acquire within and across the courses, during discussions and work at residencies, etc. will link together to inform and assist you to complete the applied study project/dissertation portion of the program. Likewise, each element within the applied study/dissertation process is a building block leading to the completion of the final capstone product. Know that with each check on the road map, you have completed a piece of a total package that will help you to acquire the skill sets needed to accomplish your goal of earning your degree and becoming an agent of change within your profession.We encourage you to take the time to view each of the elements, the popup boxes and the links provided in the road map. We encourage you to use the resources provided in the course and the toolkit throughout your program of study. As you view each of the elements in the road map, please keep in mind that each is an interconnected piece of the total advanced graduate journey.

Other resourse:

Capraro, R. M., & Thompson, B. (2008). The educational researcher defined: What will future researchers be trained to do? The Journal of Educational Research, 101(4), 247–253, 256.

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Assignment #1:

How you view a problem and what you propose to effect positive change relative to the problem is closely related to your experiences and to your professional role. Individuals in different roles–for example, instructors and administrators–might explain and address the problem of poor learner engagement differently.

****To prepare for this Discussion, consider EDd degree. In addition, think about the specialization( Technology applied to Education) you plan to pursue. What professional roles are associated with the degree path and specialization you have selected?

For this Discussion, select one of the professional roles associated with your degree and specialization (EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY IS THE SPECIALIZATION). How might you address the problem in the case study based on this professional role? Post a description of the professional role you selected and an explanation of how you would address the problem in the case study from the perspective of this role and why.

Assignment #2: Have 2 Parts:


When you registered for this course, you may or may not have had a clear understanding of the advanced graduate degree path you planned to pursue. As you reflect on what you have explored in your coursework and from your colleagues this semester, you may have gained additional insight on this important decision. The choice of a degree path is very personal and is based on your passion and the goals you want to reach. Do not worry if you are still not sure which path is the best one for you. Your student advisor can assist you by answering any questions you might have. (TIP I WANT TO EVALUATE HOW TO APPLY TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION AND THEIR BENEFITS)

As you have engaged in interactions with your Instructor and colleagues, you may have begun to sense how important it is to build a network of individuals to support you in the degree pathway and specialization (EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY IS THE SPECIALIZATION

Many of you will attend a residency, and this is an excellent way of meeting people and forming relationships. Having a network of colleagues who are traveling an advanced graduate degree path at the same time you are is an excellent support system and may contribute to the success you have in the program. Networking, however, does not have to occur in a face-to-face setting. You might find that using Skype, smart phones, social media, and other methods are useful ways to stay connected and to support one another.

For Part 1, write a brief description of the degree path and specialization you believe you are planning to pursue. Then, explain at least two strategies you are likely to use to build a network with colleagues and explain why these particular strategies would support professional collaboration.


In this module’s Discussion, you assumed a professional role associated with your degree path and specialization. In your post, you explained how you might approach the case study problem from the perspective of this role. In Part 1 of the Assignment, you wrote a brief description of the degree path and specialization you intend to pursue. For this part of the Assignment, you will explain how you might approach a topic about which you are passionate based on the degree path and specialization you are pursuing.

When you began this course, you identified topics about which you are passionate. You also began considering how obtaining your advanced graduate degree might help you make a difference in one of these areas. Select one of these topics to address for this Assignment.

Be sure to review the Degree Path Road Map to consider how professionals with different degrees address education-related problems. Reflect on how you might approach a problem related to your selected topic from the perspective of the degree path and specialization you are pursuing.

For Part 2, based on this reflection, identify two goals – one personal and one professional —that will support you as you continue on your chosen degree pathway.

Submit a 3- to 4-page paper in which you accomplish the following:

  • Write a brief description of the degree path and specialization you plan to pursue.
  • Then, explain at least two strategies you are likely to use to build a network with colleagues and explain why these particular strategies would support professional collaboration.
  • Explain how you might apply the perspective of your degree pathway and specialization to a problem related to a topic about which you are passionate.
  • Identify two goals—one personal and one professional—that will support you as you continue on your chosen degree pathway. Explain how these personal and professional goals inform how you might address a problemrelated to your topic.
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